Make Sure Your Pets Travel Safely

Offering 24/7 care for traveling pets

As a pet parent, leaving your fur baby behind to travel can be stressful, even if you are on the same flight. But you can rest assured that your companion will be in good hands when you hire Noah's Pet Transport by The ARK at JFK. Our team is dedicated to ensuring that both you and your companion have a safe and stress-free experience.

All the pets that our team helps move are transported in comfortable, temperature-controlled vehicles. We can even take care of the necessary health certificates and airline paperwork that your companion will need. Whether you are looking for a full-service door-to-door option for your companion, or you have some portions of the move already covered, our team can personalize the move for you and your budget.

Every airline and country has their own rules regarding pet travel, and there's a lot of conflicting information that you may find online. Rely on us to make sure your pet abides by all the regulations during his or her journey. If you have any questions about our services, call 212-973-8275 or if you're ready to submit a reservation request and learn about the options available to you, click on the 'Reservation Form' tab above!

Services available with Noah's Pet Transport

  • Coordination with airline to book your pet's flight
  • Transportation to/from your home and The ARK at JFK
  • Airline compliant travel crates
  • Health Certificates and USDA-APHS Endorsement
  • Pre-/Post-flight lounge at The ARK Pet Oasis in spacious kennels with 24-hour care

Popular Shipping Locations

From the United Kingdom to New York

Sophie, a cocker spaniel, embarked on her journey from the historic landscapes of the United Kingdom to the bustling energy of New York City. Upon arrival at The ARK, she was greeted with the utmost care. The ARK's expert staff provided her with love, food, and water at ARK Pet Oasis ensuring her transition to the Big Apple was as seamless and comfortable as her life across the pond.

From Philadelphia to Dubai

Max, a Persian cat, experienced luxury pet travel on his trip to Dubai. With Noah Pet Transport, Max was picked home from his home in the suburbs of Philadelphia and was chauffeured to ARK Pet Oasis where he was prepared for his trip. He got his International Health Certificate and fitting for the proper sized crate for just for him. He enjoyed a smooth journey to the heart of the UAE, where modernity meets tradition. His owners were thrilled to see Max adapt quickly to the glamorous city.

From Turkey to New York

Mira, an Anatolian Shepherd, arrived from Turkey to find a warm embrace at ARK Pet Oasis. After she was picked up planeside, limiting her exposure to the loud airport noises, ARK's staff gave Mira toys from her pet parents and ample space outside on the facility's turf to play. She was boarded at ARK for a few short days and had plenty of time to make friends with the loving staff.

From New York to Singapore

Simba, a lively Golden Retriever, found his paradise in Singapore thanks to Noah Pet Transport. He was picked up from his Connecticut home by ARK's team and given pre-flight care at ARK Pet Oasis. Spoiled with his own spacious kennel, he was able to rest before his flight departed. Simba's transition to the city-state was as smooth as the well-maintained parks and gardens he now enjoys.

From the United Kingdom to New York

Willow and Jasper, a charming pair of bunnies from the lush English countryside, found a cozy haven at The ARK upon their arrival in New York. The ARK's staff provided a warm welcome, ensuring their comfort with soft bedding and plenty of space to hop around. Together, they enjoyed a proper diet as they waited for their owners to arrive.

From Columbia to New York

Coco, a parrot, added a splash of color to ARK Pet Oasis with his vibrant feathers and lively chirps. The ARK's staff provided Coco with a large cage to get acquainted with her new climate right after her flight. Her dietary needs were met on arrival and her owners arrived shortly after to bring Coco to her new home!