I cannot recommend ARK more. My partner and I were traveling from the USA -> Kenya for work and ARK (in particular Kiera) gave us incredible support and patience. This is such a stressful thing to do and ARK made it one less thing to worry about. Thank you again for keeping our fluffball safe.

Kaitllin Elise Carson

CANNOT say enough good things about The Ark. I've heard countless horror stories about vets' offices not handling international pet travel quite right (the process is very bureaucratic with a lot of things to keep track of) resulting in stress all around, but the Ark (and in particular Chris Lapkowski) made it an absolute breeze to get our dogs ready to fly from the US to UK. For us it was a bit of extra time/money to go to them but so well worth it in order to avoid other costs/drama that so easily could have happened. I will absolutely use them again if I need that type of service.

Sarah Cox

I highly recommend the ARK. Having imported dogs both with their service and without, it was well-worth the money. They helped me with importing my 4 month old basenji puppy from France. The staff was professional, knowledgeable and did a great job managing my expectations as an anxious owner. They were kind enough, after delays in the warehouse, to feed my puppy out in the lobby and clean the crate for us while we waited. It was also no problem for me to bring my older basenji in with us to greet the puppy. The personalized truck they brought him in was beautiful as well! My experience was very positive and I'm glad I used the ARK. Thanks so much!

Raven Monique Gaddy

Thank you very much, after a year and a half of not seeing our Lucas, he arrived at JFK and ARK welcomed him and took care of him in the best way. the girls who served us were very kind and sweet. Thank you, you are a great place.

Carito Arias Lopez

The Ark worked well with me and coordinating getting my animals home safely. They received and cared for my animals after a long travel from South Korea. I am grateful to them and their hard work.

Chelsae Ashe

Thank you for helping us forward our dog Titan from JFK, everything went smoothly. 100% would recommend. Very professional service with a human touch.

Ale Cafiero